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- Visit to the United States, as the crystal clear screen, Guangzhou General Manager Mr. Yang Guoqiang Again into the United States as, a spring, vibrant. Just past, the company is still filled with joy everywhere, without exception, show the U.S. as the grand exhibition this year.

From pure brand strategy, to the standardization of social responsibility-based strategy, the United States has increased as a highly. In 2007, the United States and abroad, as always, participate in industry trade shows, everywhere College Tour of organizing academic activities, stable quality and excellent Service Gaining more and more user recognition and praise.

Guangzhou United States as the General Manager Mr. Yang Guoqiang crystal screen
High quality, high gold content, high value-added has been the United States, as the goal, which is the current promotion by the "-producing province" to "production Powerful Province" policy which, therefore, with the authority of the Government and credibility of the United States as the Business Turn authoritative branding, standardization strategy, which is the focus of the United States as of 2008. Actively seeking government support and support for the certification authority is the United States as an important step in the implementation of standardization strategies, currently, the United States as the Trade and Industry Bureau, quality and technology supervision department, Technology Bureau, Economic and Trade Commission, the NDRC and other government departments have maintained good relations, this year more closely with the Government Cooperation .

Third-rate companies exporting goods, second-class brand enterprise output, the output standard-class enterprise with core competitiveness of enterprises on the development of standards affecting the whole industry chain development of industrial system. Depending on the projection screen in the United States, the equivalent of at Lenovo PC , Haier S in Home Appliances , Is the industry benchmark. Can be said that the United States as the new product overview probably know that the Chinese projection screen market development trend of the next two to three years.

The saying goes, "the poor immune to reach persons and economic world", the United States, as has been from "an exception" to "and the economic world" change. In recent years, touring throughout the United States as an active organization of academic activities, and guide Consumption Were out of misunderstanding, from academic theory on the correct understanding of the quality of the curtain.

Then conducted of the effectiveness of these activities? Products several times higher than the market price of similar products in the U.S. is still depending on how an overwhelming dominance in the industry? Compete on the U.S. and Japanese enterprises Intellectual property rights Case, how dare the United States, as the respondent and win? With these questions, we interviewed the U.S., as the crystal clear screen, Ltd. Guangzhou General Manager Mr. Yang Guoqiang.

HC Network : September 2007, the United States, as in the Peking University held a special technical exchange, the total beam about the work of the United States, as the marketing has begun to shift academic study, then, depending on how the United States this year to strengthen work in this area ? What prompted you attach so much importance and Education Users to communicate?

Yang Guoqiang: Organize academic exchange for two main reasons: one is to create profit, which is the basic meaning of life; the other hand, social responsibility, to guide the consumer out of the academic errors.

With the development of Chinese economy, rising levels of consumption, but the projection screen to use than many underdeveloped countries are still lagging behind. Many manufacturers in their own interests, promote outdated products, used false academic knowledge to deceive users. At present, our exports 90% of white plastic curtain, bead curtain gradually phased out, but in the domestic market, bead curtain, or the main product. Through the survey found, the user's understanding of the bead curtain into a zone, generally considered a relatively high glass-bead screen brightness, while the gain of the State will write to the standard 2.5. Fact, the wave bead screen gain of 2.5 is only Light source Projection areas, other places can not be achieved, in view of a screen with most of the school Suspension Use, glass bead curtain results than white plastic screen. As industry professionals, we have a moral responsibility to change the user of the bead curtain mindset.

This year we will continue to carry out academic exchanges, and further refine, refined products, in different environments, different angles repeatedly Test Glass bead screen brightness, and recommended that national standards can make them more complete. At the same time, and this year we will also establish closer links media, through the media's credibility, deliver a correct understanding of the curtain. Speak louder than words, some time ago, we did a test in Beijing, so to will the big screen experience, university teacher of visual field differences, a number of experts and the media witnessed the test.
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The United States As: Projection Screen Industry Benchmark - Projection Screen, The United States As

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