States United States: To Curb The Leading Hypothesis Of The "old Empire"

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Young business leaders and business "aging" of the conflict, change and the future of large scale strategic adjustment of the difficulties caused by lateral expansion and acquisitions, after the end of the challenge of blending all kinds of conflicts, making the country the power of the United States in the re-emergence and the "old empire" hovering between.

2007 last month, a sudden acquisition of large and medium sized U.S. state, plus previously for the Black Swan in Harbin, Shanghai Yongle strong regional brands such as M & A, Gome has already become the dominant home appliance retail chain.

May be a coincidence, was born in turn of the year the turn of the new country the United States, naturally have a double identity, the old country for the United States, it is an itinerant 20-year experience with the "old empire" and the new and the U.S. , embryonic pan-US Department of State is like a newborn baby, the loud wails and to the world.

1000 had been the dream of many enterprises, boarding hill, not only the high mountain mountain more than pride, more risk of falling off a cliff, the road is long, the country is facing the future of the United States turning point.

Bid farewell to 20 years, "the history of youth development" after the country today, the U.S., has non-past of the country America, from the setting sun, or start a new round of growth?

Leaders of the inflection point Country's magic lies in the United States, in a traditional industry, such a large company, but has a very young leader.

We can compare Huang Guangyu of China's top home appliance business leaders in the growth process:

1999 , TCL break through 10 billion, then 42-year-old Li Dongsheng;

2000, Haier break through 10 billion, then 51-year-old Zhang;

1998, the Changhong break through 10 billion, then Ni Runfeng 54 years;

2003, the Gree break through 10 billion, then 58-year-old Zhu Hongjiang;

2001, the U.S. breakthrough 10 billion, this time He Xiangjian 59 years;

2003, the Galanz breakthrough 10 billion, then Liang Qingde 66 years of age;

Hurun in 2004 to become richest man, when only 35 years old Huang Guangyu, 2007, M & Yongle, Dazhong country after the United States, has become a monster the size beyond 100 billion, but at this time of Huang Guangyu, also, but 38 years old, is high noon, in the life of the most brilliant men season.

At different seasons of life, the mentality of the entrepreneur, and corporate governance model, has a very big impact.

Has spent precisely because the prime of life, many things have been proven in full bloom too, too bright, it will be more calm. Therefore, in the United States, He Xiangjian the accounts for Fang Hongbo, and many other talented people from the warlords and; in the heyday of TCL, Li Dongsheng generous by nature, men have been "nobility tradition"; in Glanz, Yuyao Chang Chutouloumian than Liang Qingde also more; in Gree, Zhu Hongjiang early last ten years, has been staying behind the scenes, so that the Iron Lady Dong Mingzhu fly; even the arbitrariness of the Ni Runfeng has also been allowed to "troika" in the name of Changhong exist.

Personal vigorous vitality, sometimes for an organization may not be a good thing. In the States United States, Huang Guangyu's personal authority was too strong, not only out of the sun, then drive on Star sweep alone glorious sky.

Sunshine transit.

Highest when the sun day is 12:00, while the warmest time of the day, it is two in the afternoon, the sun is over transit time, but given enough light and heat as also in the afternoon two points later, the sun is gradually setting sun, the temperature gradually decreased, and even into the cold night.

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States United States: To Curb The Leading Hypothesis Of The "old Empire"

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This article was published on 2010/09/20