States United States: Summer Festival To Send Cool Air Conditioning And Refrigeration

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Recently, Rong temperatures continue to rise,

Air conditioning , Refrigerators and other appliances into the market teas sell goods, the major

Marketplace Also around the start of the article, the refrigeration equipment. Reporter yesterday learned that this weekend in Chengdu

States United States Will trigger a "profit, excluding profit only to the total amount" of the refrigeration appliance

Promotions Storm, in response to recent rumors of the "air conditioning prices on" and continue to cut prices of its sword dance.

Learned, as a "passion red in May," of the event, the National United States, "Cooling Day" will be a grand opening this weekend, as the cool summer of Chengdu consumers to send air conditioners, refrigerators storing frozen foods, and to carry out price cuts Package deals, a variety of activities such as gift giving.

Seasonal promotional price cuts is the last word

States United States has launched a nationwide "Straight air conditioning prices down," the promotion action. This week, the big mall in Chengdu, Gome will also be air-conditioning, refrigerator two categories for the Pioneer, by the dozen

Brand The hundreds of products, a "cooling appliances Corps" will set off the refrigeration equipment of Chengdu

Sell Boom. In an "up", continue to perform cheap myth.

Recent, sharp rise in raw material prices, so that production costs increased dramatically and the whole

Logistics Transport price hikes and the background, the number of air-conditioning manufacturers have air-conditioning broke the news of price increases. In this regard, States United States made it clear that no matter how high the voice of manufacturer price increases, China will adhere to the United States "price killer" small profits to help the people of the purpose, adhere to the "National United States at lower prices a bit."

It is disclosed that the U.S. does not pay attention to the profitability of single product, but rather to pull down a single product sales profits to expand the scale of sales through large scale to achieve an overall profit. At the same time the United States that the country will be part of the ones who enjoy the profit out to consumers, so that the United States in the country to enjoy the real price is the end of the retail business to survive. "U.S. powerful end-state

Marketing capabilities It is due to firm size and price strategy, if the mere pursuit of profit alone product, although you can guarantee that the profit margin of goods sold, but at this price-led competition in the market, very likely to seriously affect the sales volume, resulting in the total profits volume decline. China is the size of the United States sought to bring the general profit, not a single high-margin products. "

Promotional offer a variety of patterns Xpress

election It is understood that States United States "Cooling Day" activities, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and other goods will be focused on marketing a variety of ways. Pratt & Whitney will shock the price of goods, rich bulk delivery models, such as a hook below 1,000 yuan, three Guiji below 3,500 yuan, 1,500 yuan in 200-liter refrigerator below, 5 kg fully automatic

Washing machine Below 1,000 yuan. Meanwhile, Gome has also carefully mix consumer packages, and several dozens of cooling air is so complete manners.

Country said the United States, this weekend's "Cooling Day" has been the support of many manufacturers,

Haier , Hisense , Oaks , Samsung , Kelon , Chang United States of such well-known brand across the board participation "cooling Corps," Qi lift refrigeration frenzy.

Order to ensure the installation of air conditioning season, the National United States has implemented new initiatives: issued to all air services network, "fast service military order" and to open shipping lanes and installing air-conditioning lines, to ensure that air-conditioning installed in place within 24 hours.

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States United States: Summer Festival To Send Cool Air Conditioning And Refrigeration

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This article was published on 2010/10/12