States United States Suddenly "friendly" Attitude Big Change In Intention?

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States United States

Suddenly the "upstream squeeze those" image done an injustice, and even a "self-criticism", to show good upstream manufacturers. Change the attitude of the country the United States is the intention?

3 20, Shanghai, China, Changhong,


Sony and other appliances at home and abroad more than 200 manufacturing "biggest names" grand global strategy at the United States in 2005 co-national summit with the United States and downstream countries, "swordfight" Shanghai is. In this overall investment budget of up to 300 million summit, Gome Huang Guangyu, chairman and president of the bald man said fresh image, and a number of upstream manufacturers high-level group to join in, even herald the arrival of a good show.

States United States to join in a low-key upstream

People feel the accident is always very tough on the vendors Gome Huang Guangyu head of the openings will be anxious to rectify the name: "18 years of misunderstanding of the country the United States, the United States to carry the state too much stigma and misunderstanding, the U.S. State has been seen as 'price killer', 'vendor relations troublemaker', 'drained profits of the machine', but in fact I am not manufacturers to reduce profits caused by Wong Kwong Yu. GOME long-standing low-cost strategy is based on consumer interests and various enterprise integrated industry chain result of competition. Only competitive companies, will deliberate on the country views the United States has. "and when near the end of the meeting, Huang Guangyu rarely even start with the "self-criticism"?? "States United States the past few years do indeed radical, but also wrong, but we were wrong to change. I hope that we can understand how, allow us to make mistakes, but also allows us to correct." "Modern Chinese home appliance industry has reached the company must truly rational, long-term, effective cooperation of the period, the post-WTO era of win-win and common prosperity of China home appliance industry to enhance the overall growth of the only way out. "Huang Guangyu's sincere beyond words.

Held in last year's U.S. same summit, the scene of the household electrical appliance enterprises representing almost all "marketing boss", we focus on "manufacturers, businesses what is the relationship should be" debated, and even the words quite sharp. This year, manufacturers have a rare insight for the first time the collective high-profile appearances? Not only the US's Group Chairman He Xiangjian, Konka Group President Hou Songrong, Shinco Electronics Group, chairman of the Qin to yet these never appeared in the business forum, the figure appeared, and Changhong Electric Chairman Zhao Yong,


Digital Chairman of the Board

Wang Dian-fu

The two home appliance brand, "new head" also came to the scene. Participants thought that the high specifications, and rhetoric will be more diametrically opposed, but did not feed from beginning to end, all manufacturers are very flattering, without exception, claimed a very pleasant and the National US cooperation. Kuo, chairman of the Xiamen Overseas Chinese will be handling the upstream of the country more beautiful "love-hate" feelings as "Love is often, and hate is short, love is long, hate is an accident.? As husband and wife to quarrel also occasionally shows that they have love, and when the two do not quarrel, they will have that love does not exist. "

GOME ambition: By shipping a "sea"

Fact, both the States United States suppliers "unprecedented" recognition, or from a year ago, Huang Guangyu publicizes the "operators no domain" to present a low profile chain initiated by changing the attitude of cooperation and common prosperity, in the final analysis with The latter are eager to send forces simultaneously inside and outside the chain of so-called expansion strategy not unrelated.

Through the hard work last year, Gome, Suning, Yongle and other home appliance chain retailers have basically completed the domestic level, the city's enclosure layout, and thus to occupy two, three and become the new competition in the market focus. Then, using a blanket search, acquisition, merger, etc. significant presence in two, three areas of the country will become the United States in 2005 designated the primary task for themselves.

In accordance with the plan

Huang Guangyu, the United States this year, the country will be the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta and Bohai Economic Zone as the center, 366 new stores nationwide? Is the development of the country the United States for 18 years has stores in 150%? So that the door total of 500 stores mark a breakthrough. By then, the domestic population of 50 million or more, per capita GDP in 6000 to more than 8,000 yuan almost all cities in the United States will become the country's commercial territory.

In addition, Hong Kong, China has opened six stores in the States United States has always wanted to go abroad to shop in Southeast Asia have long been known program. Now with the


Open to foreign investment giant, Europe and the United States home appliance giants have started eyeing, targeting the Chinese market, the largest U.S. retailer BESTBUY store more in Shanghai recently selected as their first stop domestic shop. Accordance with the logic of Wong Kwong Yu, the "National Code of Practice for the attack against the United States to pre-empt the shot." "If Europe and the United States consumer electronics retailer to enter the Chinese market, China also reached the U.S. and European markets." Huang Guangyu no secret of their ambitions.

, However, that although the United States in the Chinese home appliance industry has a very strong control over capacity, but in overseas markets, the country is far better than the U.S. home appliance manufacturing experience, so with these upstream appliance industry giant form international strategic alliances for its overseas expansion has considerable significance.
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States United States Suddenly "friendly" Attitude Big Change In Intention?

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