States United States High-cluster: A Wolf Outside Of The United States Only To See The Country Side

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States United States
Done. "?? A deja vu
Language, is now bustling street in Guangzhou, the rise can be seen.

"Ripen" into Guangzhou originally allegorical country the fifth anniversary of U.S. success. From October 2002 to the present just five years, the United States from Guangzhou city, Guangzhou China, a small store, rapidly expanding to 19 cities in 84 stores, sit tight in the top spot in the business sector in South China; sales from less than 5 years ago 50 million yuan, the development of a conservative this year are also expected to more than 6.3 billion yuan; meager profit loss from the newly opened, last year recorded a net profit of 180 million yuan; Guangzhou, China ranks the United States from the initial 13 employees to today's 2.6 10,000 employees ... ...

"Ripe" volunteer work this year also witnessed a high cluster in Guangzhou
Home Appliances
Working hard in the mature retail market. Back a first, high-but the United States Guangzhou, China, 13 employees of a member, although the name of Canton Xuanjing Li cards, but in fact the only person in this sector. The States United States with rapid expansion of five years in Guangzhou, the high cluster also completed from the media
Director, to the helm with annual sales of more than 60 billion U.S. general manager of Guangzhou States the role of the "rocket" promotion.

Looking back five years ago, settled in Guangzhou Dongpu rent, married four years ago purse only afford 250 a suit of unbearable experience, high cluster frankly, the United States in the country's professional career also allow him realize "how many How much to pay only return "content. As for the criticism of the country outside the United States
Culture, high cluster countered that "the country outside the United States only to see rapid expansion in the wolf side."

11 4 morning high cluster in Guangzhou for an exclusive interview with this reporter.

"Five-year span has not been easy"

Reporter: just five years, in the highly competitive home appliance retail business district, Guangzhou, China the United States to achieve such a large performance leap, you and your colleagues do it?

High: in fact the country the U.S. retail market in Guangzhou, China Trade War has not been easy, even the middle also experienced a lot of confusion. For example in May 2003 before the United States and Guangzhou China to enter the market in Guangzhou trial period, then until Aug. 2005, country operations into the United States in Guangzhou, a low scale do not increase, effective get up the mountain, with the major competitors in stalemate state, when we are confused.

GOME how coming out? At that time new general manager Wang Junzhou (current GOME
Executive Vice President, reporters note) to guide our
Found that the company's biggest problem is the lack of proactive pioneering talent, and then in capital, management, systems are state of the existence of stragglers, stores can not keep up the development speed completely. So we quickly organized a talent reservoir to reserve
A total of six groups before and after the 1000 Great
; Enrollment dare we strengthen the development team out of stores in Guangzhou, we are in western Guangdong, Jiangmen, Hainan, Foshan and other places to attack, such as we open stores in Huizhou, which has become a national U.S. chain as a whole was first developed by two leading market. The gun starts, also directly contributed to the secondary market throughout the country to open up the U.S. distribution. This proved the key to our success.
With the talent
input in October 2005, the United States in one fell swoop, Guangzhou China to open 10 stores, started a rapid expansion of the signal. Next six months, the United States in Guangzhou, China widened the gap with competitors, twice as many stores, sales have doubled over competitors, and other opponents wake up to the secondary market into the layout, we have achieved on the secondary market channel optimization, and a substantial profit.

"A sign of maturity is the internal and external line profitability"

Reporter: If the early distribution of 23 markets face a guerrilla war, then what does the United States sign the country is mature enough? What is the occupation of the core business district?

High; distress in the first line, which we rapidly improve market performance is very difficult.

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States United States High-cluster: A Wolf Outside Of The United States Only To See The Country Side

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This article was published on 2011/01/30