States United States 21 Anniversary Will Be Officially Opened On December 8

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Aware, the National Group of 21 anniversary of the United States will be officially opened this week 6. GOME Group, more than 260 cities in the country nearly a thousand stores to carry out a comprehensive large-scale none other activities to return the country


Those who support and care of the Gome. Mou, vice president of Gome Group, you first said, GOME has a lot of preparation for the 21st anniversary of the latest

Home Appliances

Commodities, which underwrite more than 15% of goods.

Underwriting large single-custom


Price low recycling

Reporter learned that country by US-based group, region, division three-pronged approach, and throughout the country and consumer appliances


Manufacturers to discuss orders. Particularly the United States in the national 23 state added nearly a household electrical appliance market category, and further enhanced the country the United States in the country between different markets and the competitiveness of goods stores, Gome appliance store has low prices.

11 8, China and the United States in Wuxi




, Sony, Sharp,




, Hisense,


, Skyworth, Changhong, Haier, and other global best appliance manufacturer, signed the largest single purchase 30 billion yuan, of which Sony 40V300A-inch and 46-inch supply more than 30% was States U.S. buyout; country to reach the United States and Sharp underwriting customized products 52GH1, using the eighth Made in Japan

LCD screen

To ensure

Big screen


The resources and the price advantage. Other countries the United States through the large single procurement and ODM in the form, Gome will ensure that 32-inch, 42-inch LCD supply the absolute advantage. In


Goods, Gome has Canon, Olympus, Nikon and other manufacturers signed a 100 000 units of digital professional SLR camera sales agreement to prepare for next year's digital SLR market. One Nikon D40X, Canon 400D, Obama E410, E510 stocking these classic models are the focus.

It is understood that the global home appliance manufacturer on the country's 21 anniversary of the United States, and then about to enter the New Year and Spring Festival Golden Week, the two sales of abnormal attention to their CEOs in the United States and China signed a supply and a large one, while veterans signed in different markets sale, supply different markets such as gifts, made detailed arrangements. GOME Group Vice President Mou you first said that in the States United States 21 anniversary, the should immediately enter the New Year and Spring Festival are two season, the National US-200 000 employees have entered the full preparation of, various home appliance manufacturers 24 hours a day and the country the United States to maintain any communication timely follow up on the sales process.

Cheng years safeguard


Do not regret impulsive consumption

Celebration in the month, the state security services America sincerity for a long time again to create a new national consumer price "low" at the same time, allow consumers to enjoy the top services to international home appliance sales. It is understood that on September 12 this year, implementation of security services for a long time since Cheng has accumulated nearly 10,000 yuan compensation to bear the difference.

Order to better serve the consumer, in November the country became fully revised U.S. website, adjust the overall design of the site structure and page style, the new United States reflect the country's corporate culture and brand new features, closer to the people of


, Clear, intuitive display of goods is the revision of the highlights of the form. Meanwhile, both the content of web users interact with and transform the main page release form, improved aesthetics, enhanced flexibility and interactivity.

None other crisis countries continued to be staged celebrations to a peak of U.S.

In the anniversary celebrations, the "everyday feast?? Hundred innovative products to show" degree of activity as the opening program this month to two-day cycle, day one to two categories to promote exclusive event, and in order to achieve sales Every day the main push for different categories, to create a "festive day by day" atmosphere, and to send gifts such as sequential activities of a variety of gift-giving resources reflected the intensity of activities.

Order to obtain more resources, IT and outside the United States to U.S. suppliers, joined hands to launch a nationwide gluttonous ones who enjoy the same time, countries the United States as a new IT channel resources towards suppliers has unparalleled advantages: by direct dialogue with manufacturers and large single procurement,


Commodity prices in the country are effectively stabilize the United States, China and the United States


Computer sign S Series


The million purchase large orders, sharing profit margin reached one million; in and Dell were the only authorized direct supply


After 21 During the anniversary, Dell will invest 60 million yuan of special computer resources Pratt & Whitney market, in addition, consumers can own DIY store Free Dell Computer; sign of genuine co-operation agreement, the States United States computer preloaded rate steadily increased Genuine provide consumers with a more stable computer, consumers buy a computer in the country the United States will be more at ease.

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States United States 21 Anniversary Will Be Officially Opened On December 8

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