Should USA Get Out Of Afghanistan?

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The United States of America along with NATO is involved in Afghanistan. Now more forces are going to be sent to Afghanistan. What will be the result? What does the United States of America gain by fighting in Afghanistan?

More enmity with the Muslim world-

The immediate gain is not a gain but a big loss - resulting in an enmity with the Muslim world. The Muslim world hates western powers coming to their countries and fighting. Why should the United States of America have this fight then? Can the Taliban be defeated? One may not think that with the kind of local support available, the taliban can ever be defeated.

Tribal leaders have governed Afghanistan since ages. Most of them have joined the Taliban. They do not want a central government or democracy. The leaders of a tribe decide laws about everything. What the United States of America wants is to combine the country as a single entity governed by a single central government from Kabul. After years of fighting, the Afghani president Hamid Karazai's writ does not extend beyond Kabul. The Nato forces and the US soldiers are fighting the tribals who have joined Taliban since years. But to achieve what? This fight can go on for years without giving any result.

The better way to protect the free nations from terrorism is to increases internal security. Let them do what they want in Afghanistan, but do not allow them to enter United States of America. This approach will reduce the increasing hatred of Muslims towards the western nations. Some societies just do not adapt to democracy. Imposing it on them is a fruitless task, one may be inclined to think.

None of the nations in the world want to be told how to govern. They want to be left alone the way they have been since centuries. Some countries resent western values and have their own system, which they wish to continue. The people do not support any American action in their country. During this type of recession, why does the USA want another Vietnam?

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Should USA Get Out Of Afghanistan?

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This article was published on 2009/03/31
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