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Aesthetic And Gree's "turned out to grab air conditioning" by the end of March just ended, Home Appliances China's air conditioner market oligopoly industry cries coming, that the United States with Geli's game development for the Chinese air-conditioning "rational competition" set a good example. But experts in the home appliance industry residual sound did I hear cheers when mid-April, the United States and Haier another bar on the United States and the refrigerator and washing machine drum joint "attack", "51" Zoom in advance "price", and "Haier heroes Hui, snapped up 72-hour" campaign, launched 51 home appliances in advance feast was Henan media as "re-staged confrontation between the Chinese refrigerator, washing machine market oligarchy" show.

Two fronts vs. peak Haier, Midea Gree
VS As the "Zhengzhou Evening News" interview Inspire Yue Marketing Principal Consultant Advisory broadcaster's point of view, Mr. Pang Yahui collection.

Q: 2010, the United States compete with Haier, Midea and Gree competition, beauty contest and industry rules. What do you think beauty can not be a household electrical appliance boss?

Pangya Hui: Market competition is the embodiment of comprehensive strength, fight the power increase marketing skills, while marketing is more competitive than the war of words, no matter the industry or consumers. In the field of white goods, the brand has a very high concentration of SMEs have almost no living space, competition among enterprises will inevitably reflected in the competition between brands and even between oligopolistic competition. The consequences of this competition are the two big markets together cake Education Consumer and popular market, the second is to produce the shift in effect, seize rivals share, but rather beautiful and Haier, Midea and Gree are reflected competition between.

The beauty of the Mother of the problem can become household appliances, depending on how you define beauty, and is to all shares of the company's level on the contrast, or contrast on the group level? If only that America's electric, so it Gree, Haier comparison with the still little brother, and if placed at the Group level, Gree and Haier America with a notable difference is that Haier, Gree and rely on self-development, The banner of the United States in recent years large-scale mergers and acquisitions, and integrate results show, including its acquisition of Little Swan, Rongshida, Valin and other companies, the U.S. group in 2009 to Sell Income of close to 100 billion yuan, has become an industry giant.

Beauty and Gree and Haier's another difference is that the United States by the successful restructuring of township enterprises is now a fully private system enterprise, not contain any political burden or local factors, the flexibility of a great system , Comparison of norms of corporate governance have also become the oldest appliance industry is not impossible.

Q: Haier, Midea and Gree two fronts, what is the biggest challenge facing you in the future the United States to compete with the Haier Gree how to treat?

Pangya Hui: Although the United States from the Group level is the industry giant, but down to the specific product categories and brands, and its advantage is not obvious, such as the primary industry in the United States air-conditioned area with professional Gree brand compared to the gap is still large. And you referred to the U.S. brand refrigerators, washing machines, products, and in the white goods industry, although it has developed very fast, but it can only be counted as the New Army, and Haier themselves to refrigerators, washing machines have a successful career brand more than not.

Particular note is the United States in the integration of Little Swan, Rongshida brand, according to the idea of beauty, is positioned as a high-end beauty brands, Little Swan for the high-end brand, as in Rongshida low-end brand. But in the market, we often saw three brand fights with each other and did not get a good market segmentation. The recent launch of the United States the "thousand drum washing machine" is the so-called high-end positioning the United States unseat, the brand is an injury. Such marketing, though access to the temporary sales and sales growth, managers can boss Yougejiaodai, the brand building of its own is not a good choice.

The competition between the three brands go, I think the competition will be the norm, will always continue, but a strong degree.

Q: If the joint pressure Gree and Haier America, the Chinese appliance market will show what kind of competition Environment 2010 is a new outbreak of revolution in home appliance industry.

Pangya Hui: Gree and Haier will not join forces, because of their own areas in the air conditioning, Haier and Gree are also competitors, three companies in the air conditioning, all the chiefs should not be underestimated. As you said, if there is the assumption that any two of them together a third ambush, the third company will still be some resistance, but also will pay a larger loss and costs, but the other two can not be the slightest lossless. 2010, in the white goods industry, will not be much of the story or the revolutionary events, the relative balance of forces in several enterprises, will be common in the contest in the development, but the seating position may be fine-tuned.

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Peak Vs. The United States Of Vs Gree Haier - Heat Pump, Air Conditioning, The United States - The

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