Ministry Of Commerce Agreed To Release Outside The Supor Acquisition Acquisition

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Daily limit of Supor case was finally settled. Yesterday, Supor release announcement, said the company was received on April 11

Business Ministry agreed in principle to the introduction of foreign strategic Supor

Investment Who approved. Following the acquisition, SEB Group of France will hold Supor from 52.74 to 61% of the shares, the controlling shareholder of a Supor.

According to the Ministry of Commerce approval, completion of the acquisition, SEB held Supor Group A shares shall not be transferred within three years. At present, the acquisition is awaiting approval of the CSRC.

M & As hit the "monopoly" of sensitive topics, Supor acquisition and Carlyle Xugong had the same on foreign mergers and acquisitions led to a great discussion shortcomings. However, various concessions and Carlyle,

Private enterprise Supor status granted obviously much easier.

Last August, Supor reached with the French group SEB merger agreement, the French group SEB transfer by agreement, private placement, part of the tender offer made up to 61% of Supor shares. But let Supor unexpected is that Ai Shida, double happiness, etc. 6 peer enterprises to China National Hardware Association and the Ministry of Commerce issued a statement such as, collectively against the "survival of endangered industries and enterprises," the monopolistic mergers and acquisitions, said that once the This blood type monopoly mergers and acquisitions become a reality, it will cause many business bankruptcy, a large number of workers unemployed.

To this end, the Ministry of Commerce launched in October last year, anti-trust review process. Although the results of the review has not been disclosed, but the approval of the Ministry of Commerce certainly has that position.

Hardware Association of Cooking Cooking utensils Branch Deputy Secretary-General Li-Xin Jin in an interview yesterday, said the impact of merger on the industry is still difficult to estimate. However, investors have expressed a welcome to this the deal, the news came out yesterday, Supor will harvest a daily limit to close at 33.53 yuan.

States United States Early start on May 1 sales market at 03:22 on the April 13, 2007 [I Laiyueliangju] [font size: large, medium] Source: PRC - Jiangnan Times NEW YORK (intern reporter Wei Sheng Xu Yuhua) by " 2007 States United States Global home appliances Summit "of the east, Nanjing, China earlier this week the U.S. will start the" 51 "appliance sales market, the first shot from the Xinjiekou stores, 10 million yuan none other citizens of Nanjing. It is reported that the volume of the Nanjing States United States prepared as much as 10 billion yuan, the whole category average rate of 30% none other than the maximum decrease of 60%.

Nanjing, China, according to U.S. Vice President

Chief Operating Officer Jiang Bo introduced this week, the U.S. State

Electrical Xinjiekou store would donate 10 million yuan none other general merchandise

Consumption Persons. Among them, Air conditioning Of Purchase 30% of the total procurement, sharing profit sharing profit share will account for 40%, 3C products, purchasing over 300 million yuan, while in

Refrigerator , Washing machine , Smoke stoves heat,

Small appliances Essential electrical appliances such as household products, underwritten by the country's products is the United States accounted for more than 30%. "Underwriting customized" This strategy makes the country the U.S. has made significant price advantage, but also advance to occupy the home appliance market share. According to the disclosure, the United States use of scale advantages in Nanjing China, in early March began as early as this year's "51" golden weeks to prepare complementary goods. At the same time, taking into account the 51 passenger surge during the Nanjing States United States in the original delivery

Vehicle Based on an increase of 3 times the installers and delivery



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Ministry Of Commerce Agreed To Release Outside The Supor Acquisition Acquisition

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