Jiangmen States United States 4 Stores Opening Sounded "war Service" Horn - States United

in United-states
, Spent 300 million yuan, massive household appliances


"Festival set sail" in Guangzhou

States United States

GOME Electrical Appliances and other electrical appliances and Jiangmen more than 40 stores at the same time. The


Activities will continue into the weekend, a lot of money invested Gome addition to the old model for marketing outside, but look forward to an interactive


Approach greatly enhance customer loyalty and reputation.

4 stores opened at the same time

Jiangmen States United States beginning on March 4 at the "giant sail" activities are "100 to find the source" as the theme, determined to explore new models in marketing direction, strengthening the interaction with consumers, to achieve a win-win situation. To


This drive, Gome started preparing years ago and lasted 3 months, costing nearly 300 million yuan, an unprecedented scale. March 4, large-scale interactive activities?? "100 sourcing trip" in the same city four stores opening up. According to U.S. General Manager of China Jiangmen, Mr. Sui said the company invested in "buy gift back now" and "credit," promotional activities of the funds over five million yuan, the audience had been 7-9 all items off the offer, discounted such a large area of activity sparked a sales frenzy.

This "set sail Festival" opened in 2006 called the United States since the country's largest event. Mr. Liu, as the country Pengjiang public customers on behalf of the United States, attended the "Festival set sail," he told the author, Jiangmen all of its stores in the States United States the "Festival set sail," activities are more than one name perfusion, in order to narrow the gap between the distance with consumers, creating a "family interactive marketing," such as Gome stores new session name is Chen, Zhang, Liu, Wu, etc., as long as your surname and the National US-stores the same last name, you can go during the event Gome stores free of charge to receive the corresponding award of "permanent Certificate" (includes Limited Edition last name and the country the United States Medal of membership cards, Rainbow Card) that enable Certificates, shopping, shopping deals when you can enjoy the value, to receive value for money gifts and more have access to the ideal "edge."

Sounded "service war" horn

A senior industry commented that the United States and the country's "giant sail," activities "sounded Jiangmen appliance market 'service war' of the horn." In the past year, with GOME, China Paradise have entered into, the city was once home appliances market confusion, many


Just waving

Price war

Not only unsustainable business, while also lowering the quality of service. The activities of the United States is no doubt the country is to tell consumers that this year the theme of the industry's rapid expansion from the simple to the steady expansion in the same time, improve service quality and reputation up.

"This year, we increased access to services, but also in building club membership." Sui general, said, Jiangmen, China is actively seeking U.S. partners in alliance with other industries, trying to make a membership card are each continued to appreciate significantly. At present the branch and several large city


And co-star hotel to discuss matters relating to the smooth, has been close to signing stage.

"Membership" spread Gome Jiangmen branch in 2005


Period, it is available to get a favorable for the people in our city. It is understood that membership has just started three days, Jiangmen States United States had issued hundreds of Interpersonal Attribution membership cards; close to "set sail Festival" event, within 2 months of Jiangmen States United States issued a total of ordinary members of the "Rainbow Card" more than 6000 sheets , Silver more than 1300 pieces of Gold, more than 60 sheets, as well as a handful of


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Jiangmen States United States 4 Stores Opening Sounded "war Service" Horn - States United

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