Investment in the United States in our economic recovery plan

in United-states

Financial markets are screaming that the bailout is not enough $ 700,000,000,000 th The rescue was necessary, but not to throw more money into the institutions and leaders to be ambitious and has proved incapable ..

With the bailout plan, has every citizen (man, woman and child) bank loans $ 2000, which encouraged and supported with pride wearing the greed of their leaders. In addition to the greedy, had no idea what risks they are takingwith the money of others. And most surprising of all, I did not care. After all, he had a party since 1920.

CEOs in other countries are not like the American president. While executive salaries in the United States' approximately 400 times the average wage of employees, the percentage in other countries are much lower. About 60 to Brazil and Mexico. Less than 30 in Canada, France, Germany and South Korea. And only 11 in Japan.

For a concrete example, the CEOExxon-Mobil made 69.7 million U.S. dollars in 2005 (and many others later). The CEOs of major oil companies British Petroleum (BP) and Royal Dutch Shell, which is less than 10% of the United States. Greed is extreme, this is the only American – This is a cultural thing. Make individual freedom and American capitalism will be conducted primarily with economic abyss. Only a concerted action across the country can take us to the edge.

Imagine avery different "rescue" paradigm – a paradigm in which the corporate socialism, but the economic decisions of 350 million U.S. citizens. The rescue plan, each citizen $ 2000 on Wall Street. Instead, when what the government) we (citizens of the United States, because of money, and if we are to invest in us, and if every citizen has a check of $ 2,000 can be obtained in a four opportunities designed

1) to pay the mortgage now.
2) Purchase a CD of $ 1000 for 24 months and $ 100048 months from a CD-FDIC-insured banks without early retirement.
3) investment in the education of their children or grandchildren of one of the many projects savings from 529 universities, tax benefits, if used to pay taxes.
Invest 4) in a fund that holds at least 20 stocks or bonds within a family of mutual funds that offer flexible options, but is structured to allow the withdrawal of 20% for each calendar year.

The $ 2000 for children (under 18) areautomatically placed in an account of 529 education. If the funds were not used when the child was the age of 22 years will be removed at the time.

Investment in the United States in our economic recovery plan for immediate help, these people behind their payments ..

Investment in the United States in our economic recovery plan to recapitalize our banks for the purchase of new CDs. Restructuring also occur because some investor education and investment fundschose short-term funds and investments to fixed income.

Investment in the United States in our economic recovery plan would give tens of millions of young Americans a better chance of a school or technical school.

The investment of the United States in our economic recovery plan to get the supplies, the stock market, such as strengthening existing and new investors regain confidence in the actions of millions of Americans, the commitments of five years for investment in shares.

In particular, the portrait of investments in the United States –Recovery plan for all treated equally. It would cover all Americans the same opportunity to contribute and benefit from economic recovery.

God forbid that we need another great save. But if we invest in the U.S. economic recovery plan provides the efficiency and equity would be.

The next president and new Congress need to think outside the box greed smoke junk at all costs. Perhaps we will invest inus.

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Investment in the United States in our economic recovery plan

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This article was published on 2010/11/23