Embarrassed The United States To Investigate Sweatshop In China

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The United States would want to investigate sweatshops in China, first hearing really incredible. Inside there are several points that must be clear. What is the nature of an organization to come to China to check U.S. sweatshop? Sweatshops in China and the United States, what kind of relationship? It is a fact that sweatshops? The specific facts?

The United States, "Electronic Industries Alliance citizens" (EICC) organization co-founded by a number of technology companies and self-regulation, IBM, Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo and HP are all members of the EICC. Since these electronics companies suspected of imports from sweatshops in China, they should accept the EICC investigation. EICC This is before the National Labor Committee released a report in response to the report, the technology giant to the United States and Thailand Plastic Electronics (Meitai, transliteration, hereinafter referred to as "the United States and Thailand"), purchase products, while the United States and Thailand are a "sweatshop." Report that the United States and Thailand hardwood stool sitting day workers work 12 hours, 7 days a week, only release two days off per month. Workers overtime is mandatory. Factory requires workers to look around at work are not allowed to rise, are not allowed to hand into his pocket, not allowed to whisper, not allowed to listen to music, every 1.1 seconds is necessary to install a button. Among factory workers also encouraged to supervise. If workers violate the provisions of the factory would have been punished, in addition, workers within a week locked up four days in the factory can not leave, and live in crowded dormitories. Although the nominal wage of 64 cents per hour (about 4.37 yuan), but the workers will receive actual hands only 41 cents per hour (about 2.8 yuan), or even "does not meet the local standard of living."

National Labor Committee accused the Chinese factory, words Zaozao. In China, the United States and Thailand plastic electronics company that really is a sweatshop, the above "allegations" are true. Indeed, the National Labor Committee is to safeguard the interests of workers and agree to. In this case, China should support the EICC power to do an independent third party investigation. At the same time, we must seriously reflect on why a site in China's sweatshops, China's labor regulatory oversight, safeguarding rights and interests of sectors and trade union organizations at all levels not found. Meanwhile on the other side of the National Labor Committee is known as detailed. Previously, foreign companies in China have occurred in commercial bribery, the Chinese anti-corruption department is unable to discover, and even the United States, Germany, anti-commercial bribery overseas business organizations to identify and investigate and punish. These facts, indeed shame for China, it is worth reflection of China, fully exposed in all aspects of China's existing regulatory loopholes.

, Of course, another possibility can not be ruled out. In the global financial crisis, high unemployment in the United States, the U.S. government is thinking to even resort to "buy domestic products, hire American" protectionist measures to raise employment rates, more jobs. Perhaps out of trade protectionism and increase jobs in the United States the purpose, deliberately imported to the U.S. companies finding fault enterprise products in China to achieve its purpose.

In any case, Chinese authorities should rapidly organize forces stationed in Dongguan that the company conduct a thorough investigation, find out the truth in order to seize the initiative. If this is true, it should be in accordance with the relevant labor laws and regulations according to law, and to support the National Labor Committee to take appropriate measures. If the facts different from or untrue, to the power to maintain the power of business to make clear the reasons for the United States.
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Embarrassed The United States To Investigate Sweatshop In China

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This article was published on 2010/10/20