Chinese Women Want To Stay In United States For Special Reasons

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Some people say that, compared with men in China are willing to returnees, many Chinese women are willing to stay in the United States. The statistical basis of the number of claims I do not know, nor ask another girlfriend. But I know that in addition to the education of children, his mother as a child, there are a small reasons I like being the United States.

Play small, at best, to say, I look petite; at worst, it is pale and thin. Zandie learn our mother valued higher than health and a good number of Hom, the well-known and delicious, it hit home all the money to eat, nutrition, ah! Not to mention, it works, hit the age of 10, nothing if the body (fruit level, not height) is that Zhimakaihua steadily high.

Until the United States, is filled with both wore "Hu" man, we were not mountain dew to import "chubby", "dumb" people in the vast sea of friends.

Holiday home, whether relatives or friends looked about the total, said: "... some fat," "can no longer fat, ah ..." and more concern there, "I heard in the United States work very hard to study, how do you did not thin it? "Much stimulated, we hear Nono nods, the psyche of the village folks feel that they live up to expectations. To catch a street to buy clothes, that went against even greater. No villain in the United States we wear (petite) in the small (S), but the clerk glanced at home to buy clothes we brought out pieces give King (XL), not to mention, most suitable, we can not have a temper. This is in Beijing, if go to the south where rich ladies slim; to a very special large (XXL) perhaps we do not get it Bengzhuo wearing gas. Home in the north, we contentment it!

In the United States, it is not the same, weight and domestic is not a standard ah.

Office, we sat next to the number of pounds a year on and about the same number of days my colleagues, Ben door is 300 pounds to colleagues, we in and out to become a slim. To catch up to a year Zanniang bought a pinch clip waist coat, then put on double-high-heeled boots on, we saw praise colleagues said "willowy" (slim, such as willow-like), say we jump back scared, we no one in this life than we commend the body of "willow" ah! Co to rural America, "jump the queue", we give "exercise" the new man. Not to mention, people are not listening to good Retroflex Suffixation, this is not, we are also buoyant for a while that day, heads held high heels stepping on a slight shake, walking really feel that "something Fengbai willow" feeling. Fortunately, we've got a self-knowledge of the string is stretched tight, home Qiaqia flesh, know that it is an illusion, you can not be true.

To the hospital for check-ups, and this year we fear cancer. Here we mention just how touched myself had a lump, originally businesslike nurses face had changed color, up to we check carefully, touch for a while, suddenly the voice of nurses is very easy: "Honey, you are too thin, it is your ribs ah! "

You say that, fat people selected thin, can not be eaten with fresh and old thinking about weight loss, but also at every turn someone called you "honey", this feeling can not you? !

So, feeling good place to stay in a small man ah!
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Chinese Women Want To Stay In United States For Special Reasons

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This article was published on 2010/12/20
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