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This weekend, occupying the whole layout of absolute advantage Appliance Network Sichuan Chengdu

States United States Re-shot, to its stores of Chengdu's No. 17??? Shu shop expanded store-opening west. In the "down" sound an appliance

Marketplace The punched with absolutely lethal punch, and the

Shopping Suddenly claim??? Just call ahead to register, shopping can be for this part of the purchasing groups formed by the strangers, open only to large customers, "special purchase."

Million special machine churning west   "Speed, strength is the development of the country the theme of the United States in 2006. At present, the country west of the United States already has in New Town Plaza, camp entrance, Sands, Qingyang Taoist Temple 4 stores, Shu mall opening this weekend, the country will form the U.S. 5th stores 2 km net layout, this layout to other peers, the basic construction is equal to the west of "

Package Enclosure. "Yesterday, general manager of Chengdu, China Yun-long case of the United States asserted that confident tone.'s Learned that the United States west of the city is the country's most important network construction, with the cumulative years, in fact, the actual layout of five stores has become a radial strategic fortress.

Which opened this weekend at the country store of Shu Han Shu Han Road, U.S. 189, is located in the west to connect two, three-ring traffic fortress, the overall area of nearly 4000 square meters. As a country the United States "will eat Story," an important one son, the layout of the store to shop for the excellent electrical, appliance category dominated by high-end, taking into account the low end. The store's wide ranging electrical category.

It is reported that the United States in order to secure the country's position in the high-end consumer electronics market, home appliance store business for more than 90% of goods will be new and fine, plasma,

Liquid crystal , Rear Projection TV, intelligent refrigerators,

Washing machine , Computer , Video camera , Mobile Fashion home appliances such as the main push will target, merchandise display and store environment is more emphasis on high-end image.

Group buy Ram low price Stores in addition to the network edge, the country of beauty

Promotions Means equally impressive. It is reported that in shop opening activities Shu, Gome Group buy unprecedented scale activities will be its "War Story" is another bright spot.

"Gome west has been the most advantageous field of battle, is also a high-end products

Sell Relatively concentrated in the battlefield, we must make more efforts into Shu store opened. "Yesterday, the relevant responsible person Gome told reporters. He said that the United States for this purpose the country launched a" small single-buy "activities. Even if you buy only a small

Rice cooker , Also can rely on "buy" the advantages of shopping malls to get a lower price.

's Group buy from Chengdu, the U.S. State Department learned that the so-called "small single-buy" means that consumers in the form of the phone book, so that party in advance understanding of shopping malls in the short term, consumer intentions to buy different models, different

Brand Detailed data on a single product. And the basis of this data for customers booking arrangements "Group Purchase Specials" come up with a lower price.

It is understood that participation in this Group buy goods covering all categories of audience, large

Home Theater , Flat panel TV, Air conditioning

Guiji, small series of exquisite small appliances are provided the bulk purchases offer the consumer can enjoy the highest rates of more than 5,000 yuan. These benefits, you just simply pick up the phone, make an appointment on March 20? April 29 period, the National Group buy exclusive event the United States can be arranged.

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Chengdu States United States: strange bargain buyers can also Baotuan Group buy - States United States, promotions - HC Network Appliance Industry

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Chengdu States United States: strange bargain buyers can also Baotuan Group buy - States United States, promotions - HC Network Appliance Industry

This article was published on 2010/10/19