Bolivia's New State Run Airline Cannot Be Allowed to Land in the United States

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Evo Morales, the leader of Bolivia has had some choice words for the United States as of late. He seems to comment on even our diplomatic trips into the Middle East, but why? Worse, each time he speaks he blames the US for something, yet at the same time he's been busy nationalizing everything from oil operations to, well, probably to the Lithium Mines, a mineral we need to realize our dreams of electric cars and hybrids.

Rather than deal with a company, we are forced to deal with a government, one who's leader clearly hates the United States, but why? Some of this hatred stems to the water filtration plant run by Bechtel Corporation, which was nationalized. A lot of good that did, not the nation is in drought and Dengue Fever is running out of control, over 50,000 in fact, and deaths are mounting.

Apparently, Evo Morales and Hugo Chavez are best of buddies and they'd really like to sell coca leaf here in the US, only they really want to crush it into white powder and bring it over. Hugo Chavez has recently challenged President Barack Obama and called him similar things, which he had called President Bush.

Since all this is going on, and since Evo Morales has kicked us out of the nation to help fight drugs, and told our state department to leave, why on Earth would we allow jet airliners from Bolivia to land in the United States. We must never allow hostile airliners from nations that hate us, and are dead set on harming us economically to come to our country. Let's not forget 9-11.

And even if they wouldn't do that, you can bet they'd try to smuggle drugs here into our International Trade Zones here. Let's not let any Bolivian Airliners to ever fly over US land. Think on this.

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Bolivia's New State Run Airline Cannot Be Allowed to Land in the United States

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This article was published on 2010/04/04