Attention To The First Home Appliance Chain Gome Is The First In Vista On His Face

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Urgent need to break the consumer "hearts" of Microsoft, Vista is trying to open a new sales channel.

1 30 , Vista release site, home appliance chain stores for the first time become an important channel of Microsoft, but the country is also the first time the U.S. company's activities appear again. And almost at the same time, to "celebrate Vista in the country the United States" in the name of 3C products in a marketing campaign limit diving, but also the country more than 500 stores nationwide the United States enjoy the fun began.

Signed three While Microsoft and the National US-depth cooperation on Vista, This time, the public are being very surprised, but the whole process of negotiations between the parties involved in the national U.S. strategic center computer Xiaoqiang, vice minister of the left seems to have a natural, no behind the mystery. According to its introduction, the country's first beauty and Microsoft co-operation began in late 2004, the two major cities in the domestic part of the flagship stores, launched a joint promotion of legitimate products MCE, experience activities, "very good sales figures and market feedback, is to move from a high-level idea of the depth of cooperation. "

And with Vista to market, waiting for two years, opportunities for cooperation has come. "In fact as early as six months ago, the two sides had begun to frequent contacts with the cooperation and preparation, and even the frequency of once a month, after another three agreements signed." Zuo Xiao Qiang told reporters, in fact, as early as last November Vista When the industry first-to-release, Microsoft and the National United States signed a bilateral strategic cooperation memorandum, set the tone of the alliance; Subsequently, in the Vista Business version officially released in China two days after the early December, Microsoft and the National United States signed in Beijing the establishment of a marketing strategy of retail channel partnership letter of intent, the two sides agreed to this cooperation will continue to be valid up to 3 years; January 1 this year, after repeated discussions of communication, Microsoft has signed the United States and the National a very detailed and comprehensive specific marketing programs, will promote Vista in the Chinese market access, completely paved.

"Can be said that the country's current cooperation with the United States and Microsoft, have risen to the States within the U.S. system is almost the height of the top." Said Xiao Qiang, according to the left, the three agreements signed with Microsoft, is the CEO post after Chen Xiao Gome COO (Chief Operating Officer) Wang Junzhou personally signed. In fact, the industry has been rumor, within the United States in the country, Wang Junzhou after the real power of the master Wong, Chairman, and much higher than the Chen Xiao?? States United States the importance of the cooperation with Microsoft is evident.

"Ultimate aim is to end sales of pre-installed Vista upgrade rate." Zuo Xiao Qiang, said: "In addition to purchasing pre-installed Vista OEM manufacturers of conventional products, countries and the United States will be Lenovo, Founder, Hewlett-Packard OEM brands such as first-line manufacturers to discuss customized underwriting. "It is left to say that there is a good model has a lot to discuss, advance procurement volume in the tens of thousands of units around.

"Box on the Vista product sales currently under negotiation which would very likely soon, would debut in the States United States Sales." Zuo said Xiao Qiang, the country adopted the U.S. marketing system has been in the country specially allocated group of people in the horse, responsible for working with Microsoft's butt, "and the number of this group of staff, also with the deepening of bilateral cooperation, expanding."

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Attention To The First Home Appliance Chain Gome Is The First In Vista On His Face

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This article was published on 2010/10/23